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Program Details

We offer programs for children aged 3-14. During the spring and fall sessions, each age group attends on a different day of the week and weekly summer camps are offered by age group. There is overlap in the age groups to allow parents/guardians to place their child in the program that best suits their needs, expectations and experience.

Heavily guided by Forest School pedagogy, our Sprouts program is child-led, inquiry based and emergent. Children have the freedom to connect, discover and grow without a set of expectations or learning outcomes. They are introduced to the Forest School Rhythm, which is our alternative to a structured schedule as it develops a habit of nature awareness and connection through a flexible form of time management. These half-day sessions will include a nature walk, nature journaling, hammocking, art prompts, free play and exploration around base camp.  


Legacy Program (ages 12+)

Coming soon.

For additional program information, please read through our Program Handbook.

Forest School Sessions

Our Forest School sessions are the heart of the Forest School experience. Running during the spring and fall, these sessions normalize being outdoors during the colder months. They are meant to compliment conventional learning by supporting children in developing the tools they need to succeed in the classroom. Sessions run in Victoria Park.

Summer Camps

Our summer camps run on a weekly basis, with children attending Monday to Friday. They're a great way to connect, discover, and grow in a short period of time. They're also an excellent way to prepare for our regular sessions by introducing you and your child to Forest School. Camps run in Victoria Park.

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